About CircularInvest Open Calls

Circular economy projects are selected through open calls that are launched periodically. All applicants must apply online and comply with the eligibility criteria.

Who are CircularInvest´s services tailored for?

CircularInvest's services are customised for circular projects that have reached a sufficient level of maturity, offering either a minimum viable product or service or a scalable prototype, accompanied by a well-defined business and financial model that showcases the economic potential of the projects. These projects should also exhibit innovation, providing distinct benefits or advantages to customers compared to existing alternatives, while simultaneously generating positive impacts – be they environmental, economic, or social – within one or more territories, whether they are local, regional (sub-national), eligible in one or more countries for CircularInvest.

Who can apply?

CircularInvest welcomes applications from circular economy project promoters. Examples include:

  • Utility companies (e.g., waste and water management enterprises);
  • Local municipalities & regional authorities;
  • Intermunicipal management services;
  • Universities & research centres;
  • Environmental, technology and R&D organisations;
  • SMEs/startups and corporates;
  • Non-profit associations.
  • And consortia of all the above!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Location in an EU Member State or Horizon Europe associated country: Applicants (single entity/organisation or a group of organisations/entities) must be located in an EU Member State or HE associated country
  • Compliance with the EU Circular Economy classification system: The project must fall under one or more categories of the EU Categorisation System for the Circular Economy
  • Compliance with the EU Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) sectors of interest: The project must address one or more circular economy value chains as stated in the EU Circular Economy Action Plan
  • Sub-national coverage (regional/local): The project must have / aim for a regional/local dimension or impact in a specific geographical area at a sub-national level (municipality, group of municipalities and regions in one of the EU member countries or HE associated countries).
  • Total investment: The total amount of financial resources sought by the project must fall under the range of 1M€ (min) – 20M€ (max)
  • Commitment from the applicants if selected: Applicants must commit the necessary human resources to work with assigned experts to implement the activities agreed with them and join the networking events organised by CircularInvest
  • Language: Applicants (and partners, if a consortium is applying) must have a good level of fluency in English. The application form must be filled only in English. Any documents attached to the application form that is in a language other than English will not be considered

Eligible HE Associated countries:

  1. Albania
  2. Armenia
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  4. Faroe Islands
  5. Georgia
  6. Iceland
  7. Israel
  8. Kosovo
  9. Moldova
  10. Montenegro
  11. North Macedonia
  12. Norway
  13. Serbia
  14. Tunisia
  15. Turkey
  16. Ukraine
  17. United Kingdom

How to Apply?

To apply to the CircularInvest project, applicants need to register on the CircularInvest online platform and create a user account. Applications can only be submitted online. If you have doubts on how to apply, please watch this video:

Who is Eligible to apply?

The indicative timeline for the application and evaluation phases of the second Call for EoI is as follows:

Call for EoI opening 8 April 2024, 12:00 pm CET
Deadline for application submission 13 September 2024, 17:00 pm CET
Evaluation phase 16 September 2024 – 15 November 2024
Service Plan Agreement (SPA) preparation and signing phase 16 November 2024 – 16 December 2024
Start of the Implementation phase 17 December 2024

Need more information?

Find here the complete version on the Call for EoI - Third Call.
If you need additional information, please go to the FAQ section on the CircularInvest website.
You can also send your questions to the following email: