• Will CircularInvest launch additional open calls in the future?

    After the 1st (pilot) call for expression of interest (EoI), the call will re-open in October 2023 with several cut-off dates to receive applications from circular economy projects until November 2025.

    More information will be published in APPLICATIONS.

  • Can I apply as a single entity, or do I need to be in a partnership?

    Applicants may be either a single entity or a group of entities. However, institutional support secured from other key organizations or authorities for the circular project development is an advantage.

  • Can CircularInvest provide assistance in partner search and matchmaking?

    CircularInvest can support selected applications by facilitating networking opportunities with financial stakeholders, such as investors. Additionally, CircularInvest services can help map and connect beneficiaries with one another and with other stakeholders involved in the circular economy throughout Europe.

  • Are non or low-lucrative projects eligible?

    Non or low-lucrative projects are eligible for applications according to the eligibility criteria.

  • Do projects need to be product-based or service-based?

    Product or service based- both can be potential beneficiary projects of CircularInvest.

  • If I have an idea for a circular project, can CircularInvest help with project development?

    CircularInvest prioritises projects that are in the execution phase or approaching it, as they are better positioned to benefit from the services offered. Once selected, applicants will receive expert support tailored to address their project development needs identified throughout the process.

  • What are the criteria for selecting circular economy projects?

    Eligible applications will be evaluated based on 3 main criteria:

    • Circularity (Circularity Assessment; Impact Assessment; Monitoring and Evaluation)
    • Team and governance (Balance of the consortium partners; Expertise and Skills; Governance Structure)
    • Investment readiness (Exploitation Pathway; Investment Proposal; Maturity)

    For more information, please access 3rd call for EoI

  • Do applicants receive feedback on their applications?

    All applicants receive written feedback on their applications.

  • My project was not selected for CircularInvest’s assistance. Can I ask for a second assessment?

    Applicants may submit a request for redress if they believe the applications have not been correctly assessed. In such a case, an internal review committee will examine the request for redress. The committee’s role is to ensure a coherent interpretation of such requests, and equal treatment of the applicants.
    Requests for redress must:

    • Be related to the evaluation process or eligibility checks.
    • Clearly describe the complaint.
    • Be submitted within three (3) working days from the reception of the rejection email.

    The committee will review the complaint and will recommend an appropriate course of action.

  • How to apply to the open call?

    To apply for the CircularInvest call for expression of interest, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

    1. Register in the platform.
    2. Fill the application form.
    3. Submit your application.

    For more information please download  Call for Expression of Interest

  • When will the call for expression of interest be opened?

    The call for expression of interest will be opened on the 28th of April at 10am CEST and will be closed on the 30th of June at 5pm CEST.

  • Why should Circular Economy projects join?

    Selected CircularInvest beneficiaries will:

    • Have access to specialised and tailor-made free-of-charge project development services based on their specific needs.
    • Benefit from knowledge transfer and cross-fertilisation with other circular economy initiatives.
    • Participate in networking events with investors.
  • What kind of services will CircularInvest provide?

  • Do you need more information?

    Please write to info@circularinvest.eu