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  • Get tailored support to develop your project further
  • Engage in online and in-person pitch sessions with potential investors
  • Participate in peer-to-peer online workshops with other circular economy project promoters
  • Attend knowledge transfer and networking events
  • Enhance your project’s visibility
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Circular economy projects to be selected for project development assistance

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CircularInvest at Glance

CircularInvest helps circular economy projects across Europe become investment-ready and increase their chances to secure financial resources. CircularInvest services include tailor-made support to improve their circularity, develop a business plan (including IP and legal aspects), and make circular economy projects more appealing to investors.

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CircularInvest is part of the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative

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Embracing circularity to spark economic transformation


The inauguration event of the Circular Investment Readiness Network (CIRN) on November 21st marked a milestone for the supporters of sustainable economic practices.

Accelerating Circular Innovation in Urban Landscapes - Webinar recording now online


The transition to a circular economy requires innovation in various directions, including production, consumption, and disposal. This webinar focuses on how to facilitate innovation in small to medium-sized European cities, with a particular focus on promoting circular economy business ideas.