Service: Circularity Optimisation

A circular economy is an alternative to the today dominant linear industrial production model.

The current dominant economy is linear in its processes: it takes resources, makes goods, and quickly wastes them. A circular economy is an alternative framework that puts forward a way of producing and consuming more sustainably. It is an economic system where waste is designed out, everything is used at its highest possible value for as long as possible and natural systems are regenerated.

By doing so the circular economy is an approach for living within the means of the planet while still providing for the global population.
When developing a circular project, having a clear outlook of how circularity can be improved, the potential impacts generated and a solid method to assess them is key to receive funding.

With this service CircularInvest wants to support your project to define, assess and review the circularity of its business model.
In particular:

  • Baseline assessment
  • Maximising circularity
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Action plan