Service: Circularity Optimisation

A circular economy is an alternative to the today dominant linear industrial production model.

The current dominant economy is linear in its processes: it takes resources, makes goods, and quickly wastes them. A circular economy is an alternative framework that puts forward a way of producing and consuming more sustainably. It is an economic system where waste is designed out, everything is used at its highest possible value for as long as possible and natural systems are regenerated.

By doing so the circular economy is an approach for living within the means of the planet while still providing for the global population.
When developing a circular project, having a clear outlook of how circularity can be improved, the potential impacts generated and a solid method to assess them is key to receive funding.

With this service CircularInvest wants to support your project to define, assess and review the circularity of its business model.

In particular:

Circularity optimisation

The Circularity Optimization Service is designed to facilitate the creation of circular and environmentally responsible products and services, with a focus on two crucial components: Baseline Assessment and Maximizing Circularity. Through these elements, it allows for an in-depth evaluation of the current circularity of initiatives, encompassing material usage and circular strategies in place. Subsequent to the assessment, the service offers collaborative efforts to identify areas for enhancement and the implementation of strategies that elevate resource efficiency and circularity.

Stakeholders mapping

The Stakeholders Mapping Service is a dynamic facilitation tool designed to ensure the comprehensive involvement of all relevant stakeholders and the establishment of strategic partnerships. Leveraging extensive networks and mediation expertise, this service connects the dots between stakeholders, bridging gaps and cultivating synergistic relationships. Whether navigating complex webs of diverse interests or seeking to foster collaboration with key players, Stakeholders Mapping streamlines the process, ensuring that no valuable connection is left unexplored.

Value proposition review

The Value Proposition Review Service is dedicated to crafting distinctive value propositions that effectively capture the impact of circular projects. Specialising in developing compelling narratives, this service capitalises on an in-depth understanding of holistic circular economy initiatives and their far-reaching effects. Through this service, we ensure that value propositions for circular projects are not only unique but also proficient in communicating their environmental and economic significance, thus contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the circular economy's positive impacts.

Benchmarking and best practices

The Benchmarking and Best Practices Service is an invaluable resource that employs rigorous research and leverages a vast repository of case studies to provide a curated collection of industry best practices. This service ensures that valuable insights and proven strategies are readily accessible to a broad range of projects and initiatives. Moreover, it promotes collaboration and knowledge-sharing by connecting projects with similar objectives, thus contributing to the collective advancement of initiatives within the realm of circular economy principles.

Impact assessment and monitoring

The Impact Assessment and Monitoring Service is designed to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the potential impact of circular initiatives. Specialising in the development of robust monitoring frameworks, this service empowers initiatives across the board to assess and track the evolution of their impacts over time. It offers a valuable toolkit for gauging effectiveness within the circular economy, fostering continuous improvement and informed decision-making.