About CircularInvest

Our mission is to support project promoters by providing the support they need to develop investment-ready circular economy projects at local and regional scale.

Cities and regions play an important role in the transition towards a more circular society as they operate in key sectors like waste management, mobility, energy, land use and many others. CircularInvest will help cities and regions put circular strategies into action by removing obstacles and closing the gap between circular economy project promoters and investors.

The Consortium

CircularInvest services are provided by four organisations with extensive experience in setting up and implementing circular economy projects:

CircularInvest is a PDA (Project Development Assistance) project funded by the European Union to assist the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) and facilitate the implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan.

Find out about the other PDA projects supporting the circular transition in Europe:

Our Partner

CircularInvest partners with strategic organisations and initiatives to create a greater impact. Learn more about our partners by clicking on their logos below