Service: Fundraising

Fundraising is a crucial activity for the development and success of a project.

Fundraising can be a difficult task considering that there are countless projects seeking for funding, limited resources, and complex legal and financial processes that project owners need to overcome. Moreover, building trust and proving the feasibility and impact of your project to investors is crucial. This is even tougher when considering that potential investors have different requirements and focuses, to which projects need to adapt.

Overall, successful fundraising requires a combination of a compelling project, effective communication, and strong relationships with potential donors.

With this service, CircularInvest wants to support Circular Economy projects in preparing and reviewing a fundraising plan and presenting the projects to potential investors in an appealing way.

CircularInvest will assist with:

  • Analysing the financial stakeholder ecosystem
  • Outlining the fundraising plan
  • Understanding the expectations of different financial stakeholders
  • Networking with financial stakeholders
  • Preparing an investor pitch deck
  • Learning how to properly communicate to investors to grab their attention.