Community of Practice

The CircularInvest community of practice (COP) will bring under European circular economy project promoters to foster collaboration and mutual learning about investment readiness, frequent obstacles and viable solutions to accelerate the adoption of circular practices in cities and regions.


CircularInvest Community of Practice welcomes:

  • Circular economy project promoters
  • Investment experts in circular projects
  • Investors and business advisors
  • EU, national, regional and local policymakers


  1. Be part of a community of circular economy project promoters, governmental authorities, businesses, investors, and other experts. Create long-lasting relationships in a stimulating networking atmosphere.
  2. Get access to knowledge and solutions on circular economy investment. Discuss the challenges you are facing with investment owners, experts, investors or policymakers.
  3. Interact with skilled experts in the area of circular economy investment and finance. Circular economy project promoters, investors, experts, policymakers, public authorities will assist you in anything you need.