Accelerating Circular Innovation in Urban Landscapes - Webinar recording now online

The transition to a circular economy requires innovation in various directions, including production, consumption, and disposal. This webinar focuses on how to facilitate innovation in small to medium-sized European cities, with a particular focus on promoting circular economy business ideas.

Speakers from the city of Ghent (Belgium) and Porto (Portugal) discuss the challenges of implementing circular economy initiatives, such as the lack of understanding of how they work, the need for collaboration between stakeholders, and the importance of creating innovative solutions that benefit both the environment and the economy. They highlight the urgency of fostering partnerships and relationships between the public and private sectors and providing a supportive learning environment and infrastructure to encourage experimentation and innovation.

The webinar provided the occasion to launch the Circular Investment Readiness Network, which aims to support the development of bankable, high-impact, and low-risk circular projects and create long-lasting relationships between project owners, investors, and other stakeholders. The first session will take place on November 21st.

Dora Fazekas, the coordinator of Circular Invest, presents PDA project initiatives in European cities, including DEFINITE-CCRI and CircularInvest, which provide advisory support to circular project promoters on technical, financial, and legal aspects, making it easier to access finance.

CircularInvest call is open to applicants until December 15th on the project’s portal.

Download the slides here

The recording of the event “Accelerating Circular Innovation in Urban Landscapes” is available below:

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