B2B digital marketplace for surplus food trading

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Optifood is a pioneering B2B digital marketplace dedicated to optimising surplus food management within the food industry. By leveraging innovative technologies such as data analytics and AI, Optifood connects producers, retailers, and consumers to facilitate the efficient redistribution of surplus food, minimising waste and reducing environmental impact. This platform not only helps businesses manage their surplus more effectively but also contributes to significant cost savings and enhances sustainability efforts. Through Optifood, companies can transform their surplus food challenges into opportunities for growth and positive community impact, aligning with global sustainability goals and regulatory frameworks to promote a more responsible approach to resource management.

Value chains

  • Packaging

  • Plastics

  • Food, water and nutrients

Expected impact

  • Prevention of 500,000 kg of food waste per year
  • Reduction of GHG emissions, especially methane
  • Reduction of waste from plastic packaging
  • Economic savings for businesses from reduced waste management costs and new revenue from unsold food

EU Circular Economy Classification

  • 1.a
    Design and production of products and assets that enable circular economy strategies through e.g. (i) increased resource efficiency, durability, functionality, modularity, upgradability, easy disassembly and repair; (ii) use of materials that are reusable, recyclable or compostable.
  • 1.b
    Development and deployment of process technologies that enable circular economy strategies
  • 3.c
    Recovery and valorisation of biomass waste and residues as food, feed, nutrients, fertilisers, biobased materials or chemical feedstock
  • 4.a
    Development/deployment of tools, applications, and services enabling circular economy strategies