ReNew Lifecycle

ReNew Lifecycle offers a unique value proposition in the used and refurbished electronic devices market.

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ReNew Lifecycle offers a unique value proposition in the used and refurbished electronic devices market, serving both companies and individuals.

Through an Intelligent Device Fleet Management platform, the project empowers companies to efficiently manage their device fleets, from procurement to maintenance and support. This approach optimises device lifecycle management, saving businesses time, resources, and costs.

In addition, the Right to Repair platform connects customers with authorised service points for device repairs. Users gain access to a network of trusted service providers, who meet stringent quality standards. The platform prioritises transparency and accountability, continuously measuring service quality and performance to ensure excellence.

The project provides a complete ecosystem, from repair services to device management tools and analytics, simplifying complex processes and meeting diverse customer needs.

Value chains

  • Electronics and ICT

Expected impact

  • Extended lifespan of mobile devices and laptops, resulting in a reduction of e-waste and costs for users
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by refurbishing instead of manufacturing new devices
  • Increased refurbishing rate from the current 80% to 95%

EU Circular Economy Classification

  • 1.a
    Design and production of products and assets that enable circular economy strategies through e.g. (i) increased resource efficiency, durability, functionality, modularity, upgradability, easy disassembly and repair; (ii) use of materials that are reusable, recyclable or compostable.
  • 2.a
    Reuse, repair, refurbishing, repurposing and remanufacturing of end-of-life or redundant products, movable assets and their components that would otherwise be discarded
  • 2.c
    Product-as-a-service, reuse and sharing models based on, inter alia, leasing, pay-per-use, subscription or deposit return schemes, that enable circular economy strategies
  • 4.a
    Development/deployment of tools, applications, and services enabling circular economy strategies

Project owner

Klap Tech SRL

At Klap, we are committed to making high-quality technology accessible to all, without harming the planet. Our mission is to repurpose hundreds of millions of used devices, revolutionizing the way people buy and sell technology. By selling, swapping, or shopping for premium refurbished tech, you can save money, time, and the environment. Join us in our effort to promote sustainable technology consumption and make a positive impact on the planet.